Only the highest quality meets our standards!

The sieving performance of your plansifter depends on how effectively and reliably the sieves are cleaned.

There are many good reasons for choosing FILIP products:

  • we invest in research and make sure all our leading-edge cleansing systems meet the most stringent of requirements!
  • choice, high-quality raw materials make for a long service life!
  • all our brushes and cleaners are subject to strict quality checks!
  • for safety reasons the wire that holds the bristles in our brushes is fixed in the brush housing as well as being magnetic.

The main quality features of our products:

  • our brushes and sieve cleaners for plansifters are made of non-toxic polyurethane, a highly flexible material that easy on sieve frames and therefore prolongs their service life, too!
  • the materials we use for our products are extremely hard-wearing, even when subjected to extreme temperatures and continuous damp.
  • the solid stainless steel slider knob is guaranteed to remain in place and exerts a dynamic tilting and cleansing effect on the back wire!

Food compatability

  • The plastics used in the range are made from materials that contain only substances recognized as safe.
  • Directives and regulations applied
  • FDA Code of Federal Regulations (USA), Food and Drugs, FDA regulation 21 CFR § 177.1680 Title: For Direct Food Contact (USA).
  • Regulation(EU) No. 10/2011 of the commission dated 14th January, 2011 which refers to plastic materials and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs.