Cleaners for plansifter sieves without back wire – Double-Cleaners with tongue.

Our new Double-Cleaner is available in a variety of versions. The numbers in brackets refer to the recommended mesh density:

Black brush, with nylon bristles
for wire mesh (90 – 250 µm)
Leg length: 120 mm
Art.-No.: 150

White brush, with natural hair
for synthetic mesh (90 – 250 µm)
Leg length: 120 mm
Art.-No.: 151

White brush, with nylon bristles
for synthetic mesh (90 – 250 µm)
Leg length: 120 mm
Art.-No.: 152

Sieve cleaner
for wire and synthetic mesh (more than 250 µm)
Leg length: 120 mm
Art.-No.: 250

Double-Cleaner with tongue in action

The worldwide trend for plansifters is to use sieves without back wire. For this reason, we have developed a double-effect cleaner which tilts and rotates in the sieve frame, cleaning the sieve mesh and the sieve bottom at one and the same time.


Advantages for the Double-Cleaner

The triangular shape which has proven to be highly effective in daily application in the past, also forms the basis for the design of our new Double-Cleaner. The result is a cleaner with a wide range of advantages:

  • dynamic knocking and cleansing effect due to the ideal combination of form and weight,
  • excellent cleaning effect due to bristles or studs over entire surface area of cleaner,
  • bristles or studs on the corners of the cleaner make for effective cleaning of all corners of the sieve,
  • thorough cleaning of sieve bottom due to effective bottom cleaning elements (slider knob, tongue and two corner scrapers),
  • simple to insert, for convenient and fast replacement.

Optimum service

Should your sieve frames or the spaces between sieve bottom and mesh differ from those recommended, we can offer you custom solutions. Just ask. We will be glad to advise